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Here are the contact details of all specialists of our company throughout Europe.

By using our data, you can contact any department head to obtain complete information on logistic issues you are interested in. Besides, here you can find the contact details of the specialists, who are our reliable partners and consultants.

Legal address: 79026, Ukraina, Lviv, Akademika Lazarenko str. 6B.

Actual address: 81130, Ukraine, Lviv region with. Sokolniki, st. Heroes Krut, 2A.

How you can find us:

Hizhevska Uliana
Hizhevska UlianaHead of the Logistics Department
Safiulova Olena
Safiulova OlenaHead of the Department for Information on Logistics
Izmailova Olena
Izmailova OlenaHead of the department for general Information
Tarnovetskaya-Averkova Olena
Tarnovetskaya-Averkova OlenaFinancial Director
Reznikowa Olena
Reznikowa OlenaChief Accountant
Kihtan Oleg
Kihtan OlegInsurance Broker
Banera Nataliia
Banera NataliiaHead of logistics department, export direction
Basalyha Halyna
Basalyha HalynaHead of logistics department, import direction

Eastern European Office: D-04425, Taucha,
Pönitzer Weg 2,
Büro 221-222, Lagerung 4-a

How you can find us:

Anna Lohse
Anna LohseHead of the Department for Trade and Transportation
Solotarew Tatjana
Solotarew TatjanaHead of the Logistics Department